01 Nov 2019 Toseef Ahmed 1760

Education is the right of every citizen and is the necessity now to match the standards of this fast moving world. In Pakistan there are many problems related to the education sector, inspite of the fact that the Article 25-A of the constitution of Pakistan proclaimed the duty of the state to provide free and quality education to each native of age 5 to 16. Unfortunately the state is neither providing free education nor providing quality of education to its people. The standard of education in Pakistan is below the average and done of the reason is the standard of teachers and teaching in Pakistan.

The state fulfills its responsibility of imparting education through government institutions, 70% of students are getting education in government schools, but the situation in the government schools or even in other institutions run by the government is that neither there are legitimate structures, power, and water nor there are encouraging staff or the school personnel isn't up to the measures. The educators are insufficient qualified that they can be the wellspring of showing the young people of any nation. The instructors don't have the foggiest idea how to educate or what are the do's and Don'ts of instructing..

pretty much consistently there is a case announced identified with educators irritating or beating students because of some silly mistakes or even no mistake, or the teachers not teaching the students but instead making them clean the school or making the students their servants by ordering them several works and of course these are not the things for what a student comes to school.

The reason of all these things is that before appointing any teacher, there have been no criteria of verifying the degrees of the teachers, especially in the government sector where nepotism , bribery is the main criteria for selecting teachers, not going through their academic records or anything.

Another main issue is the ghost teachers, teachers who do not come to teach students, but are getting their salary every month and same as given to a teacher who is teaching daily. This case is mainly reported in the villages of Sindh and Punjab, where students are not studying due to non availability of teachers. Or even the teacher who comes to school daily are not capable enough of teaching any subject, they do not meet the criteria to become a good teacher or even a teacher.

The government needs to take action in the education sector of Pakistan on an emergency basis. It has to start programs on teacher training, changing the criteria of selecting teachers, unemployed the ghost teachers or take serious action against them only then the people who have became teachers will fear from the law and only then the honest people who want to teach can come forward and contribute their parts in teaching the young generation of this country and only then the poor people specially who can only afford to go to government schools can get equal education as received by any student of private school.