PLUMBING in Pakistan

01 Nov 2019 Toseef Ahmed 2116

PEEKHELPERS consists of a number of categories that are a must for office and home users nowadays. The top most important SERVICES are about PLUMBING. A Plumber is the most important member of our platform. The maintenance department in large organizations, buildings or residential areas specifically has plumber facilities to counter any leakage or damage. With the advancement in every field PLUMBING techniques have changed throughout and the each individual is considered by his skill, experience and license in some foreign countries. Even in Pakistan the trend of skilled Helper is growing large.

There are many agencies that provide skilled and certified man power JOBS in Pakistan and out of country that are famous mostly on social media such as Facebook.

PLUMBING techniques and certifications can be learned from renowned institutes that provide six months to one year training period on government and private level. Once the training is over, a PLUMBING certificate or a license is given.




The job of a PLUMBER is not easy and it requires a lot of safety issue and training so without skill, experience and training one must resist himself to enter himself in this SERVICE. A plumber is responsible for the maintenance of pipes within a building; they install and maintain PLUMBING systems for example; drinking water, sewerage and drainage in PLUMBING systems. Plumber’s works with both pipes that transport natural gas and water. PLUMBING techniques are always used whether a new structure is build or an old structure is ready for maintenance. PLUMBING SERVICES can be divided into two types; Residential PLUMBING and Commercial PLUMBING. These are the plumber activities for home users; Blocked pipes, toilet overflow, shower failure, water systems, sewer drainage, installations of sinks etc. The trends, activities, work, standards and techniques shift when working on large projects. PLUMBING responsibilities or activities when working on a mega projects such as buildings, offices and residential areas are; Installing and maintaining commercial and industrial PLUMBING fixtures, ensure route of water supply in a building, drainage waste, air venting systems, Pointing out faults in all sorts of PLUMBING appliances, managing pipe cuttings, bending that may need use of hand, power tools and sometime machines, for copper pipes Joining them and fitting together with different techniques and testing pipes for leaks to ensure safety standards to pass building terms and conditions. Each and every crucial and sensitive point is covered in PLUMBING in order to ensure that the structure is prone to any leakages, defects, drainage, sewer or maintenance issues as such issues may result in collapsing of a building in no time. PLUMBING SERVICES are introduced by PEEKHELPERS for plumbers from all over Pakistan to get registered on; to get a job on daily basis.

A Plumber can get a Basic, Premium and Business package, depending on which one is most suitable for him. When a plumber get registered they get a profile that can be updated from time to time like add a picture, description, experience etc. After all this everything is done to get a job. Once plumbers are going to get jobs on regular basis depending on their quality of work they may appear on our TOP RATED HELPERS. PEEKHELPERS is offering 24 hours of SERVICES, 365 days a year to ensure that we deliver the best for our Employees and play a major role in providing job opportunities to Helpers. Last but not the least if HELPERS want to get news and updates on anything new they can SUBSCRIBE with us by putting their mobile number and click SUBMIT. If you are looking for a JOB, connect with PEEKHELPERS for the best work experience of your lifetime.