Best tips to enjoy during Quarantine

28 Apr 2020 Maryam 2299

How to spend time during Quarantine


All of us are facing strict lockdown throughout the country. This lockdown is not the situation of only one country but all over the world. We have to follow this because at the end of the day this is just for our protection and safety. We all know and heard a lot about Corona Virus and deep inside we are also afraid of this disease. Long story short the point is that eventually, we have to stay at home by hook or by crook.


In the beginning, we were enjoying these leaves from the office and all but now everyone wants to know how to entertain herself at home? I have some great ideas for you to avail of this time and enjoy it at home with family and friends.

1. Try out new desserts/dishes

The first activity we all could have is to enjoy the food at home, neat and clean food. You could learn to cook and to bake thousands of your favourite dishes, desserts, etc. I think food is something all of us enjoy and nobody can say that I have eaten never. It sounds funny.



2. Watch your favourite movies

Watch your favourite movies with your family. Nowadays we can watch all those long movies for which we never find time to. We can watch our favourite shows, dramas, animated movies, seasons, etc. whatever we like.



3. Do something Productive:

Do something productive that is beneficial for you in the future and you could utilize that later. I wish this virus leaves us soon but for now, we should utilize the time as much as we can. Learn something new, learn some new technology, learn some new language or even you can learn how to so stitching at home if you want. There is no restriction in anything just utilize this time and learn whatever you feel interesting or whatever you think could help you in the future. Like for me if I learn new technology as I'm a Computer science graduate and in our field, we have to stay in touch with the latest technologies to get our dream jobs.




There are thousands of videos/tutorials for free on the internet. All you have to do is just to dive in and start learning.


4. Self-Grooming

Now, this is a very important thing that I'm going to ask from all of my readers to do on a regular basis. You must focus on yourself, on your personal grooming. Try out things to maintain yourself and to enhance your personality. No individual on Earth can say that I'm the perfect one and no one on Earth is better than me. We should always try to improve our habits and personality until the day we die. This life is a gift from God to all of us and we should always take its best care. We should give time to ourselves. One should ask questions from herself about the day spent. We should explore, enhance, and improve ourselves. 

5. Know more about Corona Virus

As, we all know this disease is dangerous and all of us should be well aware of this disease, its symptoms, and the precautions we should take to stay away from it. You could read articles about it or watch the news to stay in touch with the current situation all over the globe and especially in your own country. I can help you with this. Here is the link to my article about Coronavirus, its predictions 40 years ago, and all its symptoms and rest.



6.  Spend Time with Family

Now you have time for long gossips with your family members. Have a cup of tea or coffee and you can play games or listen to stories from your mother, father, grandmother, or grandfather about their childhood. I must say you will really enjoy all this. Maybe you'll realize that we were far busier than one should be.