5 Genuine ways to memorize all the lessons you’ve learnt

21 Jan 2021 Fiza Aslam 1245

5 Genuine ways to memorize all the lessons you’ve learnt





Schools are hard for us, we all know that. But yet we still need to be there and stressing ourselves out just to pass the tests we don’t even want to take.

During school, I believe that we all hate at least one subject among all just because we can’t remember all those things we’ve learnt. So here are the 5 useful ways to memorize the lessons faster.

1. Truly pay attention when your professor is talking






 For some reasons, focusing on what we are learning in the class is kind of hard but we actually don’t need to give our all for the 1-2h of our study. At this case, you might need to know that you have to spend some of your time (just about 10 to 20mins) listening to your professor explaining.

It is the best time for the concentration when your professor is talking because all the important points will be included in the explanation and your brain will basically memorize faster through the listening.

 2. Critically read your notebooks





Notebooks are simply where we summarize the lessons we’ve learnt. So if you spend your 5-10mins everyday to technically and critically read your notebook before and after class, there’ll be a huge change from the past that you’ve been trying to remember your lessons for your exam.

We suggest that you should add this tip into your study routine so you will be able to see the result faster and constantly.

3. Add shortcuts into your writing





 It is a fun and fast way to memorize your things through your writing because we could simply make our notes shorter and noticeable. Remember that the shorter, the better but make sure that you won’t forget what your shortcuts stand for. You can try putting some notes at the end of the lesson if you first attempting this tip. This could be hard for you at first but once you’re used to it. Trust us; you’ll love how it works.


 4. Highlights





Doing highlight things on your notes make it a lot easier to find what you’re looking for. Especially, our brains will be able to remember the highlighted sentences faster just because it is more noticeable than the one which isn’t.

Let’s just imagine that when you open a book, your eyes will firstly point at the colored sentences and your brain will automatically read those sentences. This is exactly how it works.


 5. Choosing the perfect atmosphere to read